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DROPSHIPPING CASE STUDY: How we helped our client get to $10k in a month

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This is the story of our first $10k client, and how our process to get there. We’ve been banging our heads against the wall to find out how to create a package that will help our clients get a better grasp on dropshipping, sales, and get into the money & sales game.

Our studies showed us that our average client has no clue how to design a professional store, create a converting marketing campaign, and get those sales up. So this is exactly what we focused on. Creating a killer converting store, tailor an aggressive marketing campaign on social media that will bring SALES & Customers! The Platinum Package was born! *

And there came our first client that purchased the newly tailored Platinum Package. What you’ll read next, is how together with our client, we achieved to land $12.000 USD in sales within the first month of dropshipping. Here are five things to do in order to boost your Shopify sales:

Designed a killer e-commerce store

We have a variety of custom themes we use for our clients, as we’re in the business of design & marketing for almost 6 years now. The store has an appealing design, that simply converts.

Picked the best suppliers & products

We are in business with suppliers that have just about any product you can imagine. Whether you plan to sell in the USA, or Europe, or even worldwide, our supplier network can make that possible, with expedited shipping times and high quality products, that can handle a good profit margin. Forget AliExpress.

Went berserk on social media

We created dozens of campaigns for products, collections, brand awareness, social engagement, and literally dominated the customers social media feeds. You might be asking yourself, aren’t we too aggressive ? No, we’re not. In marketing, there’s no such thing as too much. The more the better, because that’s how the human brain works. Like it or not, the customers will remember the store, and will be sure to click and purchase from the store, on the second or third time, if not on the first ad they see. It’s all about being present on social media.

We bought fake followers

Yes, you read that correct. We bought fake followers for the store’s social media channels. We’re in the game to help our clients get profitable, not go by the book. In 2020, the game is simple. The one who’s the most innovative, and who can cut the best corners, wins. The store has high quality products with fast shipping,, so we’re sure what the customers get from that store, is nothing but quality.


By the second week, we had tons of data to process, and with the help of Facebook Pixel, we retargeted all previous visitors with personalized ads, depending on what product pages they visited. This added up to huge returning customers as well as purchases from abandoned carts.

Retargeting is the most effective way to get traffic, since the audience you’re being shown to, also called warm audience, already has visited your store, and knows a thing or two about you and what you’re selling. We know they’re interested, and we went all in. This strategy advanced for about 40% of all sales.


shopify sales our client

Monthly Shopify Sales – Client


We completely handed the social media content to the client, while we took care of the marketing & sales processing. These five tactics combined, helped us tackle the problems that dropshippers and entrepreneurs like you, struggle with. Our clients said we were the breaking point in their dropshipping carreer, because they learned a lot throughout the process.

Don’t hesitate to follow these 5 tactics for your next store, because in today’s market, this is a very effective strategy. Remember, only the ones who can work smart can win this. So don’t waste time on fields you have no idea how to do. Instead, focus on growing the business exponentially. To all entrepreneurs out there, you got this!


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