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Shopify Unite 2018: Announcements that Simplify & Accelerate Global Growth



This year marched the third annual Shopify Unite, a  partner and developer conference which unites to celebrate on the accomplishments so far,  foster new business relationships and talk about the future of commerce. The conference took place in Toronto, Ontario, the fastest-growing market for tech jobs in North America.

The three day conference was orchestrated by famous keynote speakers in the niche, including the CEO of Shopify, Tobias Lütke, COO Harley Finkelstein, as well as special guests spicing up the conference, one being Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.



Shopify CEO Tobias Lütke and Prime Minister Justin Trudeauon-stage at Shopify Unite Conference


Throughout the three day manifestation a lot of important things have been announced, with some making major changes in how almost every Shopify store out there will run, as well as additions that will simplify & automate some of the things that have been manual until now, so let’s go straight to the announcements:


Selling Simplified

Marketing is how you reach new customers and differentiate your business. Combined with several other cutting edge features,
faster checkout, and creative discounting, selling now becomes easier with Shopify

Tailor your digital marketing campaigns from the back panel

This summer Shopify introduces a new section, Marketing, intended for smarter and faster digital marketing campaigns, while having everything neatly sorted on one platform.
Placing your products in front of the right audience, smarter & faster, all within Shopify.



The “Marketing” section will change how you show your products to your potential customers


  • All-in-one marketingBy bringing in a new label under the back office of your store, not only is Shopify centralizes the whole experience, but also simplifies how ads are being set up. That means email  & referral campaigns, social media posts, discount banners, paid ad campaigns and more,will all be in one place, just a few clicks away. No more expensive third-party softwares and/or tab overload
  • Compare & Maximize efficiencyRun side-by-side ads, put multiple audiences, and after you’re done, quickly compare each ad’s result with the comparison feature. Seeing every parameter compared with each other from both campaigns gives you an insight on which variable to correct, and bring the most out of it
  • Personalized RecommendationsData collected from your previous ads is used in a smart & efficient way to recommend you the just the right audience based on previous results. Guidance & personalization, for one target, maximizing your profits!


Buy One, Get One (BOGO) discounts

bogo-discount-shopifyDiscounts are an integral part of the campaigns in every e-commerce store. With the new BOGO discount feature, you will now be able to launch promotions in just a few clicks,

without the need for third-party software to do so.


Thank your loyal customers by giving them something in return, target a specific customer group, and use the shareable link to have your visitors right at the product page, without any discount codes. Discount without too much hassle.



Dynamic Checkout

dynamic-checkoutThe feature allows for customers to checkout directly from the product page using their preferred payment method.


While the traditional method still remains, Dynamic Checkout is just an addition to capture purchase intetion much sooner while offering your customer their favourite payment method to do so.

Dynamic Checkout will assist every store owner in higher conversion rates.


Selling More

Retail is just around the corner, and the evolution of e-commerce is on its way.
This is why Shopify introduces a set of products to help retailers create captivating experiences with your customers.

New Shopify Tap & Chip Reader




Shopify Tap & Chip Reader comes this Fall

Shopify introduces a new Tap & Chip Reader as one of the first things at the #ShopifyUnite conference, among other product launches
and announcements regarding the future of e-commerce. The Card Reader securely accepts payments with Tap & Chip. Wirelessly tap into your potential customers on the go at pop-up shops, craft fairs, trade shows, and more!



Features a slick design, and an enhanced performance. The longer battery life gives you a week-long selling. It fits nice and firm in the palm of your hand, thanks to the premium materials used, and the light weight of the whole device. The new Tap & Chip Reader syncs with Shopify POS to enable payments and product & inventory management all in one place.

Multi-location Inventory

Managing the inventory as your business grows can be quite a challenge. Or at least, it was, until Shopify announced a better way to manage inventory across all your sales channels, Locations.

Adding, updating & tracking your inventory now becomes available with Locations, even on the mobile app, and can easily track inventory quantities and update accordingly, saving you valuable time and hassle.

Accept returns and exchanges

Shopify POS now allows you to accept any returns or exchanges in-person, without going through long processes or expensive shipping fees to return an item they bought online. This enables you to offer better return experience, but also gain more trust as you show you have provided a smooth way in case they aren’t fully satisfied.

Tipping is now possible

The most demanded feature, Shopify now introduces tipping, a new way that your customers can express their tangible review about the experience with your store. Available through POS.

Shopify Goes Multilingual

As the community expands, Shopify realized that store owners need to have the tools to be able to reach as much audience as possible. Although English is the go-to language, having the option to have your store showcased in another language will sure be of assistance when it comes to maximizing and offering thrilling shopping experiences for customers around the globe.

With that being said, Shopify plans to introduce six languages: French, German, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. The beta version is already out and people can set up their store as well as optimize, customize and do daily tasks, all in one of the six languages featuring in the early beta version. It is heavily reviewed by professionals and experts at Shopify, so every shared experience and review from users is appreciated.



In order to use the beta version in one of the six languages, use the button below. If you ever feel like you need to switch back to the standard English version, you can do that by going to the language settings in your back panel and toggle back.


Familiar Payment Methods

In additon to the multiple languages introduced to the platform, Shopify wants to give your customers a safe and comfortable way to shop on your store. Starting this fall, Shopify Payments will allow for customers to pay in their local payment methods, and the features will expand as the time goes on, and hopefully can adopt all kinds of payment methods, the ones your customers would prefer.

With the Local Payment Methods possible, customers will be presented with the payment options they know, trust and use, based on currency and regional popularity. Meeting the local needs and expectations is crucial especially when purchasing patterns can be different from one region to another.

A good example is, most of the people in North America use most major credit cards to purchase stuff online, whereas people in Germany tend to rely on direct bank account purchases, which account for 40% of all purchases, compared to only 22% via credit cards.
Offering the payment method people trust and use, is another addition to help your customers have the most thrilling experience possible.

Future of E-Commerce & Shopify

The growth of commerce is exponential, with people and customers demanding different things, and companies trying to serve them in the best way possible. Shopify has again shown that it can not only keep up with the growing trend, but also be the one driving it. Now it’s up to us to utilize these features & services. Until next Unite!

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