Building innovative
dropshipping stores for driven entrepreneurs.

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Digital Agency focused on
E-commerce & Shopify


Our mission

Our mission as a digital e-commerce agency is to deliver top-of-the-notch products and services for our customers, and provide viable solutions.

We have been in e-commerce and design for 5 years before merging together to create criffel.

Explore and see what we have to offer.

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Autopilot Functionality

Fully automatic stores, operating via software and applications, and driving a passive stream of income

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Branding & Design

A design built to showcase the story of your business, combining aesthetics and art to comfort the customer upon landing

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24/7 Support

Our on-duty experts will be a few clicks away from you, 24 hours, 7 days a week if you ever encounter an ambiguity

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Mobile Optimized

Our goal is to go the extra distance to create fully mobile-focused websites, developing a strategic advantage over the competition

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What makes Criffel better than anyone else?

We deliver. From idea to reality.


We’ll conduct a design phase to develop the look and feel for your website based on your preferences and functional requirements. Fully responsive & mobile ready. Clients utilize our services to get top-notch design that their customers will love!
The stores we design & deliver speak for themselves.


We put together a complete marketing approach tailored for your business, and help you get traffic & sales by combining different campaigns and objectives.
Clients utilize our services to get a hold of their competition!

Traffic and Sales

After we complete your store, we run advanced marketing ads that drive sales & conversions.
That's why we guarantee sales!


Latest Work

Fashion Niche

FashionBeco came to existence due to the desire of the client to enter the dropshipping journey through a unique niche that will be sell-able online, easily marketed & advertised on Social Media Channels & Google.

Home Decor Niche

Carefully examining the target audience for this niche was a crucial part before moving onto the design process.
This is why we wanted HomeOrnate to be a both fun & playful at the same time.

Kids Niche

The goal was to create a versatile & responsive Shopify store that will be able to enter the market with a strong & sharp design, sutiable for its niche. It's made to reflect the Wattle brand, increase online sales.

Customer discovery & prospecting

We'll use your ideal customer profile to begin prospecting. We always prospect from a number of platforms, and this is different for every campaign (e.g. LinkedIn, web searches, ProductHunt companies etc.)

Prospecting & list building

We'll continue building your list - typically this contains the prospect's name, email and discovery location (e.g. personal website). Typically we finish building lists by week 2/3 depending on your plan.

Email campaigns

For the Early & Hyper Growth campaigns, this is when you can use your lead lists to begin email campaigns. You can personalise each email using the 'first name' field and you can also set up auto follow-up sequences.

WEEK 4 and beyond
Performance measurement

We'll follow-up with you to measure early results. If you remain a subscriber, we'll make tweaks to how we build your lead list in order to improve performance where possible.


What to expect

Our goal is to maximise campaign performance.

If our leads don't convert well, we'll make changes in order to improve your results.

We work closely with each client in order to help them genuinely attract new clients.

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Service Packages

Up to 50 products from AliExpress
Basic Package

A plan tailored to suit the needs of those who are looking to receive a basic-level store setting.

Up to 200 products from any source
Platinum Package

All-in-one package, made to order for entrepreneurs who focus on growing exponentially.

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What to expect

Pricing plans tailored to suit your needs based on budget & requirements

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Payments are handled securely via Stripe. Cancel anytime. 30-day money back guarantee

400 targeted leads
Full email support
Managed campaigns*
Get Started
600 targeted leads
Full email support
Managed campaigns*
Get Started
1,000 targeted leads
Full email support
Managed campaigns*
Get Started
*Managed campaigns = we can access your email software (or setup our own accounts and connect your domain) and manage your email campaigns. We'll set up "follow-ups" scenarios, e.g. "if user opens but does not click link within 3 days, send X follow-up".
Our lead collection policy meets GDPR standards, but you must follow GDPR rules in European countries. Read more

Our customers' experience with Criffel

"I love the functionality and the ease-of-use the store provides - I can focus on different sections and marketing campaigns, because my store functions properly, and it's easy to work on. I recommend this agency!"

- Margus B.

"Thanks for the awesome website, and for being supportive as I was a total newbie. Hope we can remain in contact and collaborate in the future."

- Jason T.

"I really enjoyed working with Criffel, they are really supportive, very communicative, and they design really good websites."

- Viktor N.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have queries, please visit our FAQ page or contact us

What information is included in a 'lead list'?

We'll send over the lead's name, email and discovery platform (where we found them) as standard. No campaign is the same, so sometimes we have other fields, such as gender or location.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, prospecting is GDPR compliant but you must follow some rules. Read more here

How do you deliver my lead lists?

We normally send over CSV files. We build our lists inside Airtable, but export them for easy upload to your favourite email software.

Who is on your team?

We have 2 full-time members right now - Tony Maguire and Lisa Hidds. We also work with contractors to fulfil our campaigns as we scale.

Can I get a free trial?

We don't offer free trials at the moment. This is due to the fact that we're a human-powered service, so free trials would massively stretch our resources.

Are your leads cold?

We define our leads as 'lukewarm' - we use prospecting to find leads that are most targeted to a business, so you'll always be reached out to people who are most likely to subscribe to your product.